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It's no where on Lyft's app and mainly used by its community of drivers. Zimmer knows that using a fuzzy pink mustache to brand a service is also an open invitation for criticism and can also give Lyft's competitors a good idea of the size of the Lyft fleet. "I think that's another reason we want to use it sparingly. Because over used, it can be too much, we've tried to be thoughtful about the use of it, to have it has a fun element but not have it be everything," he said. Still, it's a valuable piece of Lyft's culture. So valuable that Lyft hired the Carstache creator Ethan Eyler two months ago to work for the company full time. Eyler, who started his Carstache business in 2010, has the official title of "Inventor" at Lyft. Eyler was driving to work one day when he had the though "wouldn't it be funny if all these cars had mustaches?" That did it. He ended up quitting his job to do the stache business full time ("My family thought I was jumping the shark," he said.) and then Lyft came a-knocking. "First they ordered 10 pink mustaches and then 25," he said. "And then, onward." More than decoration Eyler sat inside the office long after most people in the city had gone home for the day.

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VS Products Inc John Stach VS Products Inc John Stach

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